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February 2016- Exhibition of Paintings, The Art Gallery, Shevington, Wigan

Hello! Welcome to my website! My paintings are influenced by many things; from studying natural forms, by enjoying walks through woodlands and spending time by the sea and also by my experiences of different countries and cultures, especially Japan and Italy where I spent a few years of my life living and working.  

The key message in my paintings stresses that everything in existence holds energy that is everlasting yet ever shifting. Thus far I have focused on trees, the figureflowers in full bloom, flowers that are dying, the sea and the sky. I have strived to capture the energy of these subjects through the use of expressive brushstrokes and imaginative colour. Although my paintings start with a reference to a place, an object or a photograph, there always comes a point in my creative process where I find it essential to let go, embrace the unexpected and allow my imagination to run away with my paintbrush. I’m not a photo realist painter and my technical drawing skills aren’t the best;  the value in my paintings lies in the fact that they are created from a free and expressive place.

Painting is like my own personal therapy, it enriches me and can make me clear and focused, perhaps not only because it is an outlet of self expression and emotion (I feel sometimes my paintings can say more about my thoughts and feelings than I could ever say in words) but because it is the time where I can really feel a connection between myself, my emotions and the world at large. On the other hand, even though painting is one of the most important things in my life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m bouncing into my studio  at every waking moment with an air of Disney-esque enthusiasm; sometimes I find it difficult to even step a foot in the place! It’s not always a joy and the paint doesn’t always transfer from my paintbrush to the canvas with poetic ease. It’s a love/hate relationship that can swing my mood from happy and bright to irritable and cranky but that’s what makes it powerful and what makes my attachment to every single painting a connection for life. Not all of my paintings are filled with sunshiney happiness but rest assured they are all created with emotion and dedication, even more so to the ones that have caused the most discomfort and heartache! ;)

I hope you like my collection so far! Please leave a comment if you have the time!

Thankyou and best wishes,



-----------IN BRIEF-----------

2002  Awarded the St John Fisher's

 'Excellence in Art'  award.

2004  Gained ALevels in Fine Art (A) Art and Design (A) Graphics (B) at Winstanley College

2005 Gained a 'Distinction' in Art Foundation diploma from Winstanley College

2006  Travelled around India

2009  Achieved a 2:1 Degree in  Art History BA Hons from Manchester University

2009  Travelled to South Korea to teach English.

2010  Moved to Japan to teach English, subsequently met an artist named Kazumi Miyahara who would help to relight my painting spark.  

2011   Accepted a place on an internship programme at the White Cube Art Gallery London.

2012  Organised an exhibition of paintings in Falmouth with artists Kazumi Miyahara and Sally Higgs.

2013  Moved to Italy to teach English and learn more about Italian Art.

2015 Painted a collection of new works and set up website. 

Present  More Painting in anticipation of new Exhibition... watch this space!

...And support of community art classes at Pye Studios in Hindley and Embrace, Wigan

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