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       Artist  based  in  North  West  England

The sea and sky are not only two of the most awe inspiringly beautiful gifts of nature, but they also hold a strong symbolic meaning of global connection. They convey a sense of unity with the rest of the world, of endless possibility aswell as a feeling of peace and fulfillemnt. Looking up at the sky or out to sea also reminds me that this earth is shared, even if at the best of times it appears to be in conflict and fragmented. Many artists feel an impulse to focus on these subjects for inspiration not only for the colours and shimmery hues but for the wide ranging moods to be found in the sea and sky that humans can draw parallels with their own emotional states. We can look to the sea or sky for empathy with our own feelings; to uplift us, to reflect, or to find answers, comfort and light. It is a beautiful subject to paint, and for me it is usually the most peaceful and easy going, even when  the clouds are about to break into millions of crystal drops and the seawaves are tremulously lapping and crashing towards me, painting a wide, open vista of blues, greens and purples is bound to have some calming effects!

I don't believe I could ever paint the sea and sky more beautifully than how it is in reality, but I love the feeling I get when I paint them.  I welcome watery colour runs on my canvas and find that I often come across many happy accidents that I  can embrace and work into.  I allow myself a lot of freedom when I'm creating a piece like 'Sea me Sea you' it was such a joy to paint, I felt relaxed,  centred and can still access that feeling everytime I look at it. 'Seasons Change You Remain' has had a lot of positive feedback which surprised me because it's not done in my usual style, it was created with a palette knife which has given it a hazy, 'eyes half closed' perception of the landscape. 'Sea Shift' is an old painting that was actually painted with reference to a crusty curled leaf, its form reminded me of a rip curl in the ocean!  Using a pallete of blues and greens often means you can manipulate almost anything to evoke a sea-like aesthetic, even a leaf!    

'Sea Shift'

Original Oil on Canvas

Privately owned

'Sea me Sea you'

Original Oil on Canvas

29.5 cm x 39.5 cm

Price £100 - SOLD

'Seasons Change You Remain'

Original Oil on Canva Boards

12.5 cm x 17.5 cm (each indidual board)

Price £100 for whole series - SOLD

Sea and Sky