If you have any ideas for a painting and you like my artistic style then I'd love to guide the paintbrush that can transform your creative imaginings into a work of art! We can work together to create a piece that;

  • relates to a subject close to your heart
  • is taken from a photograph
  • adheres to any size/ shape requirements
  • fits certain colour schemes in your home or workplace
  • is a gift for someone...for example, a painting of your mum's favourite flower, or a painting of a particular beach, landscape for your partner.

buying a painting

If you're interested in buying a painting please email or phone. Depending on where you live it may be possible for me to deliver it to you personally...if not then it will have to be picked up or posted by special recorded delivery with  royal mail. You are also more than welcome to come visit me in Wigan in order  to view my paintings in the flesh! ...Or you can look out for my next exhibition date!

private Art sessions

I provide private workshops and classes for individuals, groups and parties from the comfort of your own home. I  love getting to know new people and I'm very patient and friendly! I also have lots of experience tutoring children and adults...contact me if you need:-

  • Help with GCSE or Alevel Artwork / sketch book work.
  • An arty/ crafty party (for both children and adults!
  • Private tuition in painting with oils, acrylics or watercolours
  • Someone to provide art activities at an event, party or fayre

Community Classes

I love to get involved with projects that highlight the importance of art in the community. I run the 'Busy Bees' Arts and Crafts class at Embrace which is located in the Community Zone in Platt Bridge. This art class is recommended for young adults with complex learning needs  along with their assistants. I also assist with the Tuesday Arts and crafts classes at Pye Studios in Hindley which includes classes for the Wigan Youth Offenders and also young people with learning difficulties.

If you're interested in facilitating arts and crafts classes for groups of people and need some help, please call me on 07849197056.



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F r a m i n g

Please give me a call if you would like me to arrange suitable framing for a paintng. Also, if you need any advice on framing or simply want to discuss ideas, I'm more than happy to help.

 It's important to get the framing right for you, the painting and your chosen room for display!