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       Artist  based  in  North  West  England

"The clearest way into the unverse is through a forest wilderness"  John Muir

I'm very lucky to live with an enchanting wood practically at the bottom of the garden, it would be a shame to not take advantage of this!  Painting trees is a little out of my comfort zone but it's  inspiring me to apply paint in different ways. Instead of using a paintbrush I've been using a palette knife which creates a thick, scratchy ,textured surface...much like that found on tree bark! ;) So far, I have only two completed paintings of trees to my name  (there is another BIG tree scene on its way!) and all three of my tree paintings are autumnal, I really do love that time of year when the colours are earthy and warm and the ground is bejewelled with sunlit, fallen leaves of rich red and gold...a carpet fit for a queen to walk on barefooted. There is a real maturity, understated majesty and deep wisdom to be found in autumn woods; the mellowed atmosphere welcomes  a time for reflection,  for shedding the past and your summer skin and for preparation for the imminent onset of winter. I try to emulate that relaxed, surrendering and reflective feeling I get in autumn when the leaves fall  like teardrops and glisten in the hazy, autumnal sun light.  Next up is a focus on winter woods, especially in snow. I'm really looking forward to using alot of white with blue and purple hues :)


Original Oil on Canvas

30 cm x 23 cm

Price £100 - SOLD

'Silver Birches'

Original Oil on Canvas Board

25 cm x 30 cm

Price £150